Poetry For Leaders

Checking In

Relationships are precious yet perishable. Whether it is family, friends, colleagues, clients, or communities’ relationships are at the heart of everything we do. At a time when relationships are impacted and disrupted nurturing, building and nourishing them has never been more important. “Checking in” the latest in our poems for leaders’ series was born out of discussions that Peter and I had while masked and socially distancing at a local park within our 5 kilometre circumscribed world. It is built on the intimacy that can only be developed over 20 years of friendship and collaboration. We hope you are as touched by Peter’s interpretation of our conversation as I have been. - Mark Lelliott September 2021

Take a Deep Breath

An acrostic poem in our poems for leaders series by Peter Bakowski that explores how we have as a people, community and leaders proved ourselves capable of pulling together to confront the challenge presented by COVID-19. Let’s take time to acknowledge the positive as well as the disruptive outcomes which this has catalysed. Let’s ensure we celebrate and preserve these gains and aspirations of a more connected community.