Peak Performance Leadership Development Program

How can we ensure our leaders are peak-performing and consistently flourishing in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous (VUCA) world?

Potentialife was created by a former McKinsey Senior Partner, Angus Ridgway, and Harvard University positive psychology expert Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar with the aim of providing organisations with a scalable solution for helping leaders develop their leadership capabilities in order to be 'at the top of their game'.

Bringing together the science of ‘peak-performance’, habit formation and a proprietary technology platform, Potentialife enables individuals to practice and ritualise newpeak-performance behaviour sets within their daily work context. When deployed at scale, this enables teams and organisations to strengthen their culture to confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world

Why Flourishing Matters

Peak-performing leaders are flourishing leaders. The more flourishing leaders’ organisations can create the better the organisations profitability, productivity, employee engagement and customer retention. Flourishing leaders experience greater positive emotions, engagement, meaning and purpose, self-esteem, health, optimism, resilience, impactful relationships, energy and performance in both a professional and personal context.

Through helping their leaders flourish Potentialife clients see higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and collaboration and higher impact relationships. Potentialife is a powerful tool in ‘mobilising’ client strategic plans and objectives.

The Science of PeakPerformance

Decades of research into flourishing and peak performance have revealed five behavioural areas that separate the best from the rest: SHARP (strengths, health, absorption, relationships & purpose).

Potentialife’s SHARP framework has been specifically designed to assist all participants to reach their potential as peak-performers both at home and at work.

Return on Investment

Using our data driven approach, we work with clients to quantify program impact through behavioural change & business success metrics.

Our clients experience lasting, improved individual and team performance following the Potentialife program across the 5 areas of SHARP.

Potentialife Services Clients Across the Globe

Since 2011 Potentialife has worked with hundreds of organisations around the world (in over 20 countries) to bring the science of peak performance to their people with incredible results.

To date over 20,000 people world wide have completed the program with life changing individual, team and organisational results.


DB Results

“Love the formula of the course. Winner at getting sustained change, if this doesn’t work not sure what will! Revolutionary.”
John Porter | Executive Consultant, DB Results
“It’s like someone has turned up the volume on everything I do – sometimes the volume is deafening. One of the best formats for delivering change I’ve ever seen.”
Gavin Bunshaw | Executive Director, DB Results
“The Potentialife program has been fantastic in bringing our people together, to facilitate group discussions and awareness around topics which are critical to both individual wellbeing and professional services in todays workplace. Our group has found the program to be inspiring and only one semester in, has changed the language we use in our meetings and individual 1-1 conversations with the wider business as well.”
Vanessa Tieppo | People, Culture and HR Manager, DB Results


“Potentialife has provided both program participants, and Equipsuper with a great return on our investment. Program engagement rates, particularly in comparison to other leadership programs, are very high and the program’s positive impact has been felt throughout the organisation thanks to the participants mobilisation and role modelling of program learnings. Unexpectedly, the program has also had a positive impact on our ability to engage staff with a range of new and sometimes challenging initiatives (including significant change reform (large scale merger) and health and wellbeing initiatives) that previously would have struggled to get such positive buy in.”
Sarah Guthleben | Executive Officer Capability & Engagement, Equip Super


“The Potentialife program is unlike any other leadership development program that we’ve done at Gilead; a deliberate move away from classroom based learning to really drive behavioural change and culture. 12 months into the program and the results speak for themselves in terms of the metrics which show how Potentialife has impacted key elements of leadership behaviour at Gilead.”
Louise Bell | Human Resources Business Partner, Gilead Sciences

World Vision

“For the participants, it was an inside-out experience. It got them engaged, to understand themselves and made them more aware and resilient for leadership. The single best thing about the program…it worked!”
Andrea Pink | Partnership Strategy Director, World Vision

Essential Services Commission

“Just three months in and I have found the Potentialife programme to be an excellent way to accelerate deep and meaningful improvements in team relationships and performance. The breadth of work and non-work data provides a great basis for individual and team reflection. The programme really brings to life the fact that smell behavioural changes can have a real impact. We are really looking forward to where this might take us.”
John Hamill | Chief Executive Officer, Essential Services Commission

Moriah College

“The program assisted me in finding ways to significantly increase my engagement levels by refocusing on my signature strengths and learning to manage my energy level through rest and recovery. I am so passionate about the impact and effectiveness of this program and would highly recommend the program to anyone who want to live a full and purposeful life!”
Lauren Koseff | Human Resources Manager, Moriah College


“Potentialife has created a new language across Sainsbury’s. We are all now on the same page when it comes to getting the best out of each other.”
Mike Coupe | CEO, Sainsbury’s

Arbiter LeadershipTechnologies Pty Ltd is the sole Australian distributor for the Potentialife Program. Arbiter Leadership Technologies operates the Australasian Potentialife hub and supports all Potentialife activity in this region. All Potentialife global hubs are integrally connected with one another and with Potentialife’s head office (London) and Potentialife’s founders.