Executive Search

The Arbiter Framework is a powerful Executive Recruitment tool

The Arbiter framework utilises a number of processes and tools including world leading psychometric instruments that have been well established as providing valuable candidate insights which can substantially augment a selection decision. These processes and tools have been employed by NGS Global in literally thousands of executive capability assessments as well as selection decisions. The suite of tools and processes is depicted opposite. NGS can provide a more fulsome description of each if required.

Depending on the circumstances, we  often recommend using the MHS EQi (emotional intelligence), and the Influencing Style Indicator (ISI) to assist in an executive selection decision.

Assess your candidates against global benchmarks

The MHS EQi assesses emotional intelligence, or “social competence”.

We believe it is the most reliable and validated tool on the market. The research clearly shows that emotional intelligence/social competence is a significant factor in effective management and leadership. This instrument gives individual measures, normed against a substantial Australian, or international sample groups, on five composites (three sub-categories within each) of;

          • Self-perception
          • Self-expression
          • Interpersonal
          • Decision making
          • Stress management

These scores can be compared to the general population or more focused and relevant management/ leadership norms.Most importantly they give an indication of an individual’s strength/balance and maturity in theses composites, or conversely an indication of a deficit in a particular area which can be important when making a selection decision, or for future development options/ support. The instrument also provides a quasi-risk measure through the scores on four individual sub-scales that research indicates have a high association with leadership issues (termed “leadership de-railers”).

Influencing Style Indicator

The ISI is an online leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred influencing style. It provides insight into ones dominant, preferred, secondary and underutilised influencing styles, and the situational advantages / disadvantages of each.In  roles which require greater need to deal with ambiguity and divergence, a key behaviour of effective leaders is the capacity to influence those around them. This instrument gives insight into the individual’s influencing range and feedback on how it might be enhanced.